GT350/Bullitt Throttle Body




  • Ford Performance Throttle Body 87mm GT350 2015-2020 GR3E-9F991-AB

$415 Ported GT350 Throttle Body Outright

  • Ford Performance Throttle Body 87mm Bullitt 2019-2020 KR3Z-9E926-A
    • Fits 2018-2020 Mustang GT with 5.0L Coyote engine
      Requires throttle body adapter M-9474-M5087 for use on the production intake manifold

$455 Ported Bullitt Throttle Body Outright

$200 Porting Only (Send yours into us; return shipping included)

Core returns accepted for a $75 reimbursement (must be in clean, working condition)

Compatible with Ported GT350 or Bullitt Intake Manifold – depending on the year of your engine.

Requires an adapter plate to run on the stock Mustang GT Intake Manifold with 80mm inlet size.

Send all parts together for port matching at $25 fee.

Q: What do you port or bore it to?

A: The diameter remains 87mm to aide in ease of tuning; the inlet/outlet tapers are changed; the throttle shaft is thinned and the throttle blade is modified. 

Yields 321-325% CFM increase in flow with no drivability or tuning issues and in most cases can be run on a stock tune.  It picks up 5-7 hp/7-9 ft lbs of torque with big gains and throttle response and mid-range torque that you can feel.


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