Ported Stock 2018-20 Mustang GT Intake Manifold


Intake Manifold with broader power band and doesn’t fall off at high RPM.



Upgrade your V8 2011-’17 Mustang GT Intake with the latest model: the 2018-20 Intake Manifold for an additional 20hp gain- just by swapping your intake!  The 2018-20 Intake Manifold is a direct bolt-on.  Gen 1 engines will need MMR Lockouts to make the intake manifold compatible, which we sell and install for $50.  Gen 2 engines may require MMR Lockouts- please check with your tuner.  When installing the Ported 2018+ Mustang GT Intake Manifold on an F150, a MAP Sensor Modification may be needed for 2015+.
Already have a 2018-20 Intake Manifold on your racecar?  Send your intake into us for porting – $300 including return shipping.

We cut and reshape the inlet and runners, removing excess glue in the seams and any obstructions to increase overall airflow and balance between cylinders.

Yields: 8-12hp; 7-9 ft lbs torque, depending on your build

For best results, we recommend getting your throttle body ported at the same time as your intake. The Ported Throttle Body picks up an additional 5-7hp and 2-3ft lbs of torque with big gains and throttle response and mid-range torque you can feel.




Please follow the direction on our How to Order page!

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Weight 18 oz

Porting Only


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