Ported Stock 2018+ F150 Intake Manifold


Makes significantly higher low-end torque when installed on a Mustang, but sacrifices horsepower.

AFS Porting yields 8-12hp and 7-9ftlbs torque, depending on the build/mods.

For application on 11-2020 F150 (possible add MMR Lockouts +$50) or Mustang GT (add Map Sensor Modification +$50)




Ported to: Cut and reshape the inlet and runners, removing excess glue in the seams and any obstructions to increase overall airflow and balance airflow between cylinders.

Yields: 8-12hp; 7-9ft lbs torque


Options:       Stock 2011-14 F150 (OUT OF STOCK) **Porting Options available when you send yours in

                      Stock 2015-17 F150 (OUT OF STOCK) **Porting Options available when you send yours in


Ported Intake – $400 (return shipping included)

Porting Only –  $300 (shipping included)



Email us at airflowsolutionsaz@gmail.com with the following information:

Full Name

Shipping Address

Email Address

Best Contact Phone Number

Sending IN PARTS

If you are sending your parts to Air Flow Solutions to be ported, please read the following:

Remove gaskets and any extenuating bolts from intakes.  A $10.00 cleaning charge will be applied to any orders received with oily, greasy, or dirty.  Use extra packing materials when shipping.  Air Flow Solutions is not responsible for any damage incurred during shipment of a product from a customer to us.


Include the following information inside the box when shipping your parts:

  • Full name
  • Contact phone number
  • Return shipping address
  • Email
  • Description of your order


Address your shipment to:

Air Flow Solutions,

C/O Bret Barber,

2545 N. Huachuca Drive,

Tucson, AZ 85745.


We expect for customers to have already been paid for service work to be done when we receive their parts.


Tuning:  We recommend tuning your engine after installing a ported intake and/or throttle body as you would with any modification.  Although tuning is not always required, we suggest you send a data log to your tuner and for maximum results and to ensure safety.  We work with many reputable tuners including Palm Beach and VMP.


We accept payment in the following forms:

  • Cash ($10 off)
  • Check- made out to Air Flow Solutions
  • Credit Card (Add 3% Service Fee)
  • Zelle (listed as Bret Barber 520-355-9711)
  • PayPal (When you pay with PayPal IF YOU PAY AS A FRIEND, YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED A FEE.  IF YOU PAY AS SERVICES AND GOODS, YOU WILL BE CHARGED A 3% FEE.  If you choose to Pay for Services or Goods, please add the 3% Fee on top of your order.)
    If you choose to pay with PayPal, we can be found at this email address:


Let us know if you have any further questions.

Thank you,


Additional information


Intake + Porting, Porting Only

Vehicle Model

Stock 2011-2014 F150, Stock 2015-17 F150


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